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 Change to School Calendar
Excessive inclement weather this year has caused the district to exceed the four day allotment built in to the 2013-2014 school calendar.  As of February 18th, school has been canceled a total of eight days.  Since school must be in session for 182 days, the additional four inclement weather days will be made up on the following dates:
Tuesday, April 22
Wednesday, April 23
Thursday, April 24
Friday, April 25

Hackettstown Public Schools 

Mission Statement

 Building on tradition and success, the mission of the Hackettstown School District is to educate and inspire students through school, family, and community partnerships so that all become positive, contributing members of a global society, with a life-long commitment to learning.
It is the expectation of this school district that all mpupils achieve the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards at all grade levels

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A Message from the Superintendent


Welcome to the 2013-2014 School Year!

 Dear Community Members,

      I hope you have enjoyed your summer.  As the summer comes to an end, there are many changes that have taken place ensuring a positive learning environment. Together, let us embark on another successful year!
      Throughout the summer months, several district projects have taken place such as, the replacement of the high school roof, and the complete renovation of the high school science labs to state-of-the-art science labs.  Other beautification projects will continue to take place when necessary in order to improve our schools and district as a whole.
      Communication and parent involvement is always a top priority of our district.  By continuing to utilize our School Logic student information system, we have continued to make the lines of communication between parents/guardians and teachers clear, concise, and consistent.  Our School Logic parental portal affords you the ability to attain weekly reports relative to your child’s performance and progress.  I encourage you to join our school communities and discuss areas of concern regarding the progress of your child.  This year you will have ample opportunity to stay more closely connected to school-related updates with Principal Forums starting this fall.  Additionally, parents will be invited to attend our new calendar event, College Fair Night, in October, where parents and students will have the opportunity to meet with representatives of various colleges and universities. 
      Academically, we as a school community, strive to improve in every aspect of education.  We continue to make changes and adjustments in the hiring of new teachers, the offering of new classes, and continuing to align and revise our curriculum with the New Jersey Common Core Curriculum Content Standards in order for your child/children to excel.
      Moving forward, I urge you to continue to be active participants in your child’s/children’s educational journey and partner with our staff in the complete development of your child. 


David C. Mango

Superintendent of Schools 

Hackettstown School District