Hackettstown School District

Home of the Tigers

A Message from the Superintendent


Dear Parents, Faculty, Staff, and Community Members:

With the holiday season approaching, it is always an excellent time to be reflective in thought and express appreciation for that which we have. I am extremely honored to serve the communities of Independence, Liberty, and Hackettstown. Over the course of the last five years we have witnessed change from both a school and community perspective. During that time, several initiatives have been established, and now we are witnessing the fruits of our labor. That said, there are still major concerns that lie ahead. However, as I have always believed, we can achieve any goal or obstacle that presents itself.

Since the beginning of this school year, we have been publicly honoring our Students of the Month at our public board of education meetings. This has enhanced the school communities and set an example of the expectation levels for our students and proving to our students that hard work should be rewarded.  Moreover, through our partnership with the High School Student Council, we have begun the exploration for increasing AP, elective, and language courses via survey. We believe that input from our student body should direct final course selections in order to preserve student interest and sustainability. In addition, we are witnessing how the implementation of instructional technology assists our parents, students and staff through the use of Bedtime Math, while Innovate NJ models 21st skills for global learning and awareness.

As recognizing students in the area of academic excellence, we must also recognize excellence in the athletic arena.  Another area that central office and the high school administration have been working collaboratively on is Hackettstown High School’s first ever, Athletic Hall of Fame. We are currently developing our mission statement, criteria, and selection process with our committee members. All of this information will be presented at our April 2017 public meeting, and our target date for the inaugural ceremonies is October of 2017. The committee is working diligently on the nominee process, and our goal is to contact the community for the function of this process with a tentative target date of February 2017.

In addition to all of the current happenings between the districts, we are forecasting the 2017-18 budget process. This process will be cumbersome as several educational and facility initiatives are at our forefront and future. Glancing ahead, we are looking to implement a Preschool program at Willow Grove School and Central School, as well as, create the stand alone county Adult High School Program. The Adult High School Program will be presented at our February 2017 public meeting, so I encourage all to attend. This will offer students from our home districts the opportunity to obtain their high school credentials on a flexible schedule and generate revenue from incoming students from our county and surrounding counties that do not offer such a program.

In closing, my holiday wish to our communities is a simple request. As you can see there are many current and new items on the horizon that can benefit not only our students and staff, but communities at large. So my request is that you make one of your New Year’s resolutions to become actively involved and attend our Hackettstown and Great Meadows public meetings. There are many wonderful initiatives taking place and so much more to achieve, so please get involved within the walls of our school communities.

As always, I thank you for partnering and supporting our school districts, students, and staff and wish you and your families a healthy and happy holiday season.



David C. Mango
Superintendent of Schools
Great Meadows Regional and Hackettstown Public Schools